Info on Ben Wa balls, Kegel Balls & 50/Fifty Shades of Grey balls!

“He holds out his hand, and in his palm are two round, shiny, silver balls, linked with a thick black thread”
Quote from Fifty Shades of Grey

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Do you remember that quote from the book Fifty Shades of Grey? Many people are now calling these “50/fifty shades of grey balls“, but they are far from new items.  Ben Wa balls, also known as Kegel balls, Smart balls, Burmese bells, Benoît balls, Orgasm balls, Venus balls or Geisha balls have been used since approximately 500 A.D. in Japan.

Kegel  balls,or Ben Wa Balls, are weighted balls that can be used to help strengthen women’s vaginal and pelvic floor muscles.  They can also be used to increase vaginal stimulation or increase arousal.  Continued use of kegel/ben-wa balls can increase the sensations during sex which can result in powerful orgasms.  Kegel/ben-wa balls can be worn for several hours and just need to be washed with warm soapy water after each use. Years ago, most balls were made of metal and were not connected in any way. Today most kegel balls/ben wa balls are made of easily washable latex materials and are connected together. They also will have a small string that you can use to pull them out easily.

Using Kegal Balls/Ben-Wa Balls

There are many exercises that can be done with kegel/ben wa Balls.  The first thing you need to do is locate your PC muscles.  Follow the instructions below to help you do that.

Locating Your PC Muscles

It’s very important that you are working the right muscles during exercise and not cheating or you won’t see many results.  There are two ways you can locate your PC muscles. They run from the anus up to the urinary sphincter, creating a hammock-like floor between the two points.

  • The easiest way is to tighten the muscles you would use to stop midstream during urination.  The muscles that are contracting are your PC muscles.
  • We’re hoping the first method works for you, but it doesn’t or you are a bit more adventurous, you can insert your finger into you anus and squeeze your finger.  If you feel the finger being squeezed then you are flexing your PC muscles.  You should use lubrication when doing this.

 Exercise with Kegel Balls/Ben-Wa Balls

Insert the kegel/benwa balls. Try to find a comfortable, relaxed position, such as sitting or standing, and  push the balls into your vaginal opening. Stop when they’re completely in, don’t press them to the back of the vagina or up near the cervix. Close your legs to  keep them in place as you position yourself for your exercises.

  • Perform the sitting exercise. Isolate the PC muscle and use it to try to move the balls back and forth. If initially you can’t move the balls back and forth, focus on squeezing the balls and holding it for a few seconds, then relaxing for a few seconds. The University of Maryland Medical center recommends performing kegel exercises 10 times, three times per day.
  • Perform the standing exercise. The standing exercise uses the weight of the balls and the force of gravity to work your PC muscle. Stand and position your feet shoulder-width apart. Use PC muscle to hold the balls in your vagina. If you stop contracting your PC muscle, the balls will fall out. Perform this exercise three times per day, working to hold the balls in place longer each time.
  • Perform the squatting exercise. The squatting exercise combines both the sitting and standing exercises. Place your feet as wide apart as you can. Bend your knees slightly to move into an easy squat. Use your PC muscle to both hold the kegel balls in place and move them back and forth. Move into a deeper squat to make the exercise more challenging.
  • Use the balls during routine activities, very similar to the standing exercise. Use PC muscle to hold the balls in place while you do housework, go for a walk or take a shower. Make sure you feel strong enough to hold the balls in place so they don’t fall out at potentially embarrassing moments.

Pleasure with Kegel Balls/Ben Wa Balls

  •  Rocking: With the balls in the vagina, get into a sitting position. Rock back and forth with your legs pressed together.
  • Vaginal Penetration: During sex, leave one or both balls in the vagina. The penis will move the ball around, this technique will also stimulate his penis.
  • Vibrator: Leave one or both of the balls in the vagina while inserting the vibrator or using it on the clitoris.
  • Retrieval Cord Balls: Use the retrieval cord to pull the balls out. Push the balls back in and repeat. This will give your vagina a good workout.

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Here is a great video on strenghening the pelvic floor muscles. The therapist talks about inserting fingers into the vagina, but you can use your ben wa balls instead

Info on Ben-Wa/Kegel Balls just like in 50/Fifty Shades of Grey!

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