Download a negotiation form/BDSM checklist, and communicate with your partner

BDSM Negotiation forms!

The more information you know about your partner, the safer and more exciting your playtime will be. Remember, communication is the key to all relationships, kinky & vanilla alike!

Called by many names, a Negotiation form, BDSM Checklist, Check-in form is just a long list of KINKY/BDSM activities. Don’t be overwhelmed by the list, you may have no idea what some of these things are, and that’s OKAY! Some things might seem extreme or even shocking to you.

Don’t worry; you NEVER have to do anything you don’t want to do. Sometimes we might only be interested in fantasizing about certain things and not actually doing them in real life. That’s what negotiation is for, to share with your partner what you will, won’t and might, do.

Negotiation forms will give you new ideas, spur communication and remember, your answers will change over time and depending on what person you are filling this out for. Some words have similar meaning and are left ambiguous, to see what they mean to you. This form can be filled out by the Top/Dominant, bottom/submissive or Switch!

Click here to download a word document so you can fill it out on your computer

Click here to download a PDF version

 Negotiation form and  BDSM Checklist

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  1. Ross
    Jul 25, 2018 @ 16:47:21

    i am very interested in this for the very purpose of using it.. a beautiful life


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